Single Candle + Candle Holders


This is a single candle and two antique candle holders, a regular and a wall-mounted one.
The visual effects and some of the interactions and strings for the candle are from the free “Holiday Celebration” Pack from last December ‒ see here for how to get that if you don’t have it already.

The candle has seven colour variants and is in Table Lights (15§), the table holder is also in Table Lights (nine colour variants, 40§), the wall-mounted one is in Wall Lights (five colour variants, 25§). All of them are in Misc Lighting as well. Some textures are custom, some are referenced from the Maxis Caress Scented Candles, Dollop o’ Light Wall Sconce and Jellyfish Table Light respectively, so they match those items exactly.

The “Extinguish” string on the candle is the one for extinguising fires (because the stuffpack candles only have “Extinguish All Candles” which would be misleading for this). Apologies in case it translates to “Combat the Raging Flames Engulfing your House” in some other language.


The same candle as a three-candle object (this does not require that stuffpack) as well as some triple candle holders are available here.
Polygon Counts:

Dollop o’ Candle Light ‒ High Poly: 250V/228F
Dollop o’ Candle Light ‒ Mid Poly: 147V/130F
Dollop o’ Candle Light ‒ High Poly: 98V/74F
Dollop o’ Candle Light ‒ High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 73V/128F
Dollop o’ Candle Light ‒ High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 45V/72F

Jellyfish Single Candle Holder ‒ High Poly: 206V/208F
Jellyfish Single Candle Holder ‒ Mid Poly: 169V/160F
Jellyfish Single Candle Holder ‒ Low Poly: 108V/80F
Jellyfish Single Candle Holder ‒ High/Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 81V/158F
Jellyfish Single Candle Holder ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 43V/78F

Single Candle ‒ High Poly: 54V/50F
Single Candle ‒ Low Poly: 32V/25F
Single Candle ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 30V/50F
Single Candle ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 17V/25F

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s4pe, TSRW/Milkshape, Thanks FH|RA for testing!