Mega Budget (Extra DeLite) Doors


These are two additional versions of the Maxis Mega (Budget DeLite) door, with a larger window (they also let more light in).

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Mega Budget / DeLite Add-Ons


Maxis-matching recolours and two-tile versions of the “Mega (Budget DeLite)” door and the “Mega (Budget)” doors from here.

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Rolled Glass Windows


The Maxis “Double Hung” window + three additional sizes with the rolled glass texture from this upload (Queenslander Casement Windows, by Beefysim1). The same windows with the regular Maxis glass are uploaded here: Double Hung Window Add-Ons.

The “Medium” height fits over end tables and desks by default, the counter-height one over counters. 15 colour variants each. All frame textures are referenced from the game files but not the glass textures — those are mapped differently than in the beefysim window, so they are all included. Some colour options require GP01 (2014 Holiday patch).

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Fiddler’s Awning: Daylight Edition


This is a version of the Maxis “Fiddler’s Awning” that will not make your sims live in darkness for ever after. Because the point of an awning is probably not to make sure you never see the outside again ..

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Two-Tile House on a Hill Window


The Maxis House on a Hill window, centered in the middle of two tiles. Plus a tagfix override for the original that changes the colour tag on the very light wood version to BrownLight, and on the light grey to Grey (they are both tagged as White by default).

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Two-Tile Yeronga Entry Device


This is a two-tile version of the Maxis “Unbranded Entry Device” door, using the rolled glass texture from beefysim1’s Queenslander Doors (Yeronga Collection). I love their glass textures but I really like two-tile doors as well =).

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Octopane Window: White Interior


Additional colour variants for the Maxis “Octopane” window with a white interior. The original always has the same colours on the inside and outside, which makes it a bit difficult to use IMO — I sometimes like coloured windows on a house, but for the inside I mostly prefer white.

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