Custom Storage Fix

Edits the city window resource counting so that resources in custom storage buildings will also be displayed (not only those in standard barns and warehouses). Alcohol counting remains unchanged.

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Larger City Window


Adds one line to the city overview window. Useful when you have custom resources installed (the above picture shows mushrooms, one new kind of tool and two new kinds of clothes — without the larger window, this would result in ugly and cumbersome scrollbars).

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

2017-04-01: No changes for 0.9.6127.
Seems to be working just fine in 0.9.6112.

Better house info panels


Edited / customised window layouts for houses:

  • Window layout for small houses (above; they have up to five inhabitants per default) changed to a custom one that is actually five lines long
  • Default house window layout (with a four-line list for inhabitants) enlarged so that four inhabitants will fit in there without scrolling
  • Plus a bunch of other window layouts in various lenghts that you can use if you want

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Sensible wood/hay gathering strings


Tiny script mod that changes the text in the villager info window to “Cutting a tree” / “Collecting hay” when they’re doing said things, instead of “Mining resource”.

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Misc text edits/fixes (aka the Engrish mod)


UI text edits, mainly to make the main screen less verbose, plus misc changes and grammar fixes in English and German.

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