Catalog Edit: GT Pavers as Rocks


This moves the two GT stone .. rugs? .. to Build > Rocks. They do not look all that fluffy to me.

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Simple Siding Add-On: Extra Colours/Overrides


Some more colour options for the Maxis “Simple Siding” walls. They are seamless, have automatic corners (with the less silly behaviour aka “More Corners”) and play nicely with the existing ones. I’d recommend to use this in conjunction with MoreCorners so that all walls behave the same.

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Liberated Landmarks


Some more Maxis World objects (Base Game) fixed up for Buy/Build. These are not clones – they only contain what is necessary to make them buyable, no duplicate files.

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Three Decorative Columns


These are three of the Maxis columns as decorative objects, so that they can be placed off the grid. Four other columns like these (Mega Basic, Tintoretto, Calabria Hexagonal, Grosvenor) are available here.

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Longsleeve Equality + Recolours


These are three things rolled into one:

  • A CASP edit that makes the boy-only Maxis longsleeves available for girls too
  • 40 recolours of said longsleeve which are unisex
  • Texture overrides for four of the existing variants ‒ no dramatic change, just a little added contrast and desaturation

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Swimshort Equality for Girls

mts_plasticbox-1550297-girlswimshorts_01Some more swimsuit variety for girls — these two CASP edits make the boy swimshorts available for them too. They make good sports clothes as well (I haven’t reflagged them for that but simply turn off the filter).

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Pants Equality for Boys

mts_plasticbox-1550058-boypantsThese are three Maxis girl-only (why?) jeans/shorts from the base game made available for boys. These are CASP edits, not new meshes or clones.

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