Liberated Vehicles


These are the Maxis World vehicles from the base game made available for Buy/Build.

Includes the cars, small planes, fishing boat, trolley and paddlewheel boat. I’m not including the train cars or the riverboat because they look a bit shitty on close-up.

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Sexy Pose Equality


This makes it so that sim girls can also show off their muscles and guys can bat their eyelashes when they decide to Pose Sexily, not just the other way around.

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Tea for Children


This adds interactions for children to the tea and tea maker object tuning, so that they can have tea as well. Because why on earth should children not be allowed to drink tea?

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Single Cups of Tea/Coffee


This adds the “Brew Cup” option (which already exists, just isn’t used) to all base game coffee / tea machines, as well as custom machines (like this one) that use base game tuning.

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Liberated Garden Plots


The Maxis Garden Plots (World objects from the Base Game) fixed up for Buy/Build.

They are re-numbered so they can be used alongside the Empty Props (which makes these invisible in the rest of the world). Sims cannot walk across them, but they do intersect with objects.

They are in Build Mode > Shrubs and cost between 160§ and 320§ depending on their size.

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Liberated Landmarks


Some more Maxis World objects (Base Game) fixed up for Buy/Build. These are not clones – they only contain what is necessary to make them buyable, no duplicate files.

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Rustic Wall Shelf Shadow Fix + Missing Colour


This is a mesh override that changes the wall shadow of the Maxis “Rustic Wall Shelf” to something more reasonable, as well as another package (“set2”) that unlocks the missing second colour variant (which is in the game files, but not available by default).

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