CC Wrench Icon Overrides


This is a UI texture override that replaces the gigantic wrench icon on CC catalogue swatches that was introduced in 1.15 with a little plus sign, so that one can actually see the swatch colour (but still has an indication it is CC). On the screenshot above, the brown colour variant is Maxis, the rest is custom.

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Cereal Name Overrides


These are four name overrides for the cereal to choose from. Because it’s confusing the heck out of me when I click on “Cereal” and get what looks like a bowl of candy .. and now that I moved the oatmeal over to the fridge (which looks exactly like what I think of as cereal) it’s confusing me even more.

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Obsolete: “Flat Square” Catalogue Text Fix


Catalogue text fix that calls a flat square a Flat Square, and not a Rounded Deck.

2015-12-06: Maxis have fixed the text in 1.13 (in the exact same way I did, only with complete localisation) so people who have that patch do not need this mod.

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Plain Tea


This is an override for the Oolong tea that replaces it with simple, no-buffs, no-special effects, plain old tea. It is also a little cheaper than the buff-ridden blends.

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Brock Chair Mesh Override + Text Edit


This is a a mesh override for that thing that looks like it’s been put together from toothpicks and Play-Doh in ten minutes.

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Catalogue text fix for two arches


Catalogue text fix for the Keystone-Style and Prairie Post and Lintel Knockoff arches, which had their names and descriptions swapped. This swaps them back.

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Cheat Shortcuts


With the introduction of that ‘bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement’ monstrosity it really was time for this. These are some custom shortcuts for TS4 in the form of a loose .py file so they are easy to edit.

  • casf – testingcheats on + cas.fulleditmode
  • d | t | debug [on/off] – testingcheats
  • h [on/off] – headlineeffects
  • m | mo | moo – bb.moveobjects (toggle)
  • ssk | setskill <skill> <level> – stats.set_skill_level <skill> <level>
  • u | unlock – bb.showhiddenobjects + bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement

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