GT Wall Deco Height Overrides


This mod allows for more flexible placement of the the GT drainpipes + the three wall-mounted plants shown above: they can now be placed on the ground, rather than on the bottom of the ground floor like they are by default. Because that means they will hang in the middle of the wall when the house has a foundation, and who wants that?

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Modular Plants VI


Some GT plants and planters made into separate items, so they can combined freely (also with various other modular plants/pots).

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Bathtub Curtain


This is a standalone version of the curtain from the Maxis “Clawfoot” showertub which can be used with any other tub.

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Simple Curtains


A set of curtains in four heights, each as a tied-back and a straight version. They’re designed to be as versatile as possible ‒ neither super modern nor super oldfashioned ‒ , so they should fit a variety of styles, and the lenghts ought to work for most of the Maxis windows by default. They’re a little more than one unit wide so look quite continuous when put next to one another.

I also edited my Cabin Slats Add-Ons so that they can be used in conjunction with these and other curtains (no clipping).

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CanOFlage Outdoor Planter


This is the Maxis “CanOFlage Outdoor Trash Receptacle” deprived of its receptacling abilities (as well as the ability to be kicked over and rummaged in and whatever else sims can do with trashcans), so that it can be used as a planter without sims being able to mess with it. I liked the ideas in this thread at mts (Jools, FH|RA, Inge and others), just thought it might be a little impractical to use actual trash cans for that.

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Vase for Garden Flowers


This is a small empty vase that can hold up to three of those garden flowers that are otherwise just being useless. Sage also looks good in it (perhaps other herbs too, but my sims don’t have any at the moment). It is re-meshed from the Single Rose but a little smaller and rounder than that.

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