Two Fires


There are loads of custom fireplaces, but I couldn’t find JUST a fire. So here are two of them, re-meshed from Maxis base game fireplaces.

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Diagonal “Heat Seeker” Fireplace + Mesh Override


A diagonal version of the Maxis “Heat Seeker” fireplace, plus a mesh override for the regular one that adds a ledge around the bottom and makes it a little less clunky.

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Victoriette Fireplace


This is a smaller version of the Maxis “Viva Victoriana” fireplace that fits on two tiles instead of three; it also has a ledge added at the bottom.

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Manoir Classic Fireplace


This is the Maxis “Manoir Stone” fireplace turned into something more classic (minus the lollipop columns, and with a ledge around the bottom like a sensible fireplace). I also changed the self illumination a little bit (less dramatic, more logical).

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