Less Gigantic Fashionista’s Closet


This is a smaller version of the Maxis “Fashionista’s” closet .. because those closets are nice, but not every sim needs a 2×2m one.

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Country Armoire


A tall dresser that matches the various Maxis Country items (and the other Country items I made).

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Audrinite Side Table / Dresser


This is a low side table that also works as a dresser. It is re-meshed from (and matches) the Maxis “Audrinite” dresser, looks good as a TV stand as well. The basic shape is the same as the Shenanigan Side Table, it also has the same slots (minus those on the inner shelf of course).

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Three endtables as Mini-Dressers


These are three of the Maxis end tables that look like they have some storage space made available as mini dressers.

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“Sea Princess” Armoire


This is an armoire made from the Maxis “Sea Princess” dining hutch (Base Game) ‒ it is larger than that, and has solid wood doors instead of glass. Works like all other dressers.

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Boring Dresser


Here’s a simple and versatile dresser that just quietly does its thing, instead of being busy making fashion statements. Comes in 24 unexciting colour variants; all textures are derived from existing Maxis ones so it should fit in almost anywhere.

There are other Boring things as well (like a desk, tables and end tables) that match this.

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