GT Wall Deco Height Overrides


This mod allows for more flexible placement of the the GT drainpipes + the three wall-mounted plants shown above: they can now be placed on the ground, rather than on the bottom of the ground floor like they are by default. Because that means they will hang in the middle of the wall when the house has a foundation, and who wants that?

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Liberated Vehicles


These are the Maxis World vehicles from the base game made available for Buy/Build.

Includes the cars, small planes, fishing boat, trolley and paddlewheel boat. I’m not including the train cars or the riverboat because they look a bit shitty on close-up.

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Classic Spandrel


This is a custom spandrel that matches the Maxis “Fancy Picket Fence” (but ought to be unobtrusive enough to be combined with other fences as well).

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Slightly Larger Sunspot Awning


This is a mesh override for the GT “Sunspot Awning” to make it so that it fits around walls, rather than inside walls. I like to use this for deco glass houses, and they look stupid when the walls go around the roof.

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Liberated Landmarks


Some more Maxis World objects (Base Game) fixed up for Buy/Build. These are not clones – they only contain what is necessary to make them buyable, no duplicate files.

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Obsolete: “Flat Square” Catalogue Text Fix


Catalogue text fix that calls a flat square a Flat Square, and not a Rounded Deck.

2015-12-06: Maxis have fixed the text in 1.13 (in the exact same way I did, only with complete localisation) so people who have that patch do not need this mod.

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