Bathtub Curtain


This is a standalone version of the curtain from the Maxis “Clawfoot” showertub which can be used with any other tub.

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Simple Curtains


A set of curtains in four heights, each as a tied-back and a straight version. They’re designed to be as versatile as possible ‒ neither super modern nor super oldfashioned ‒ , so they should fit a variety of styles, and the lenghts ought to work for most of the Maxis windows by default. They’re a little more than one unit wide so look quite continuous when put next to one another.

I also edited my Cabin Slats Add-Ons so that they can be used in conjunction with these and other curtains (no clipping).

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Cabin Slats Add-Ons


These are three additional variants of the Maxis Cabin Slats: a one-tile version, a half open version, and a half open one-tile version. I made them all a bit flatter and added a flat override for the original blinds, so that they can be combined with other curtains as well (and don’t clip through). This requires using moveobjects since two curtains can’t occupy the same slot.

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Less Gigantic Cabin Blinds + One-Tile Version


By default, these blinds look like they’re designed to withstand a nuclear war or something .. which is fine in and of itself, but it makes them rather impractical to use. Here’s an override that makes them less clunky, plus a one-tile version to match.

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One-Tile “Caress” Curtain + Overrides


A single-tile version of the “Caress” (Bountiful) curtain for short windows, which was something that was sorely missing from the game; plus some default overrides that will work for both the Bountiful curtain and this one.

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