Tuftless Fencepost Override


This is an override for the fencepost of the “Tuftful Privacy Fence” (Maxis/GT) that removes the grass on top. That looks nice maybe once, but after the 57th time it’s just weird (and also makes this fence much harder to use than it would have to be).

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Tasteful Fence


This is the Maxis “Tastefully Overgrown” fence, minus the overgowth. Because that looks like plastic. Available in the same 7 colour variants as the original (all textures are referenced), for 75§ per unit.

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Stonework Fencepost


This is a decorative fencepost to be combined with fences, such as the Maxis stone wall it’s from — so that one can decide for oneself where the posts should go — or used as decorative post for gates, porches and the like.

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Very Low Stone Wall


This is a low fence at half the size of the Maxis “Low Stone Wall”. Because I find the existing one far too clunky for flowerbeds and the like.

All of the curve meshes are included, same colour options as the original fence. It costs 20§ per tile (original is 40§).

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Blue Overrides


Generally speaking, I like blue .. but not THAT blue. So I made 56 overrides to turn everything that comes in that blue into the other blue ‒ the dark grey-ish one as below, which isn’t a particularly exciting colour either but at least it’s unobtrusive.

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Liberated Fences 4


Some world objects from the game files, fixed up for Buy/Build. These have custom IDs, so they can be used alongside this mod (Empty Props for Oasis Springs, which makes the concrete + low wall and posts invisible in the neighbourhood). If you still have an old version (which used to be an override), you will need to re-buy the fences in game.

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