No Free Toys


Similarly to No Free Books, this makes it so that when sims buy a toybox they get a toybox. And not a 60§ toybox filled with 200§ toys, because that makes about -140 sense.

This overrides 0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x0000000000003A89 and 0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x000000000000901C (object tuning for generic and this particular toybox).

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Slurp / Counter Slurp


These are two bars re-meshed from the Maxis “Sloop” bar but smaller (two tiles wide instead of four); the Counter Slurp fits between counters instead of islands. They should integrate seamlessly with anything BlandCo.

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Activity Chair (for any table)


This is a stripped-down version of the Maxis Activity Table for children: it only consists of some supplies and a standard-height chair, so it can be used with any regular table (instead of only that one special object that looks completely out of place almost everywhere .. it’s not like children cannot make a mess on your beautiful dinner table too!)

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The Minor Indulgence


This is a re-mesh of the Maxis “Indulgence” bar at a size that won’t take up half your sims’ living room. It’s about the size of a side table, and is remapped to have a non-tile top so that it also fits better into living spaces aesthetically.

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Small Modern/Castle Dollhouses


These are small versions of the Maxis “Realistic Princess Castle” and “Modern Life” dollhouses, scaled down to a more manageable size. The Victorian dollhouse at half the original size is available here.

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Small Victorian Dollhouse


This isn’t “small” as in microscopic, it’s still pretty stately, but nowhere near as gigantic as the default one. Small versions of the other two Maxis dollhouses are here.

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Play Cards Anywhere


This is a set of playing cards without a table glued to its bottomside, so that sims can play cards on the tables they already have.

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