Boring Tables


Two simple dining tables ‒ a long and a small one ‒ that match the other Boring items I made, as well as a bunch of Maxis things. You need to download the Boring Dresser since it contains almost all of the undercarriage textures!

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Metal Table 2×1 with Lino/Wood Top


The two-tile metal table from this post with lino and wood finishes instead of glass. A one-tile table with the same lino tops is here.

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Metal Table with Lino Top


The same table as in this upload but with a linoleum/plastic top instead of glass. Six of the tabletops are referenced from the Maxis “BlandCo” countertops, the other four are custom(ised); the metal frame is always the same (matching the base game Drafting Table). The red is like on the Tabula Rasa coffee tables and those modern console tables the name of which escapes me right now.

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More Slots for All-Purpose Desk


This is an override that adds seven small deco slots to the top of the Maxis “All-Purpose Desk”. It looks like it should have some there, but by default it doesn’t.

Overrides the _RIG/RSLT 0x0D004129DE6C3B67. Note that when the desk is against a wall (which it often will be) you’ll need to turn on moveobjects for many items to fit on there, since otherwise the game thinks their footprint is too large and would clip into the wall. Same for large-ish items when they are closely spaced.

Special thanks to CmarNYC for her work on the s4pe RSLT wrapper and for pointing me at this page which makes figuring out those slot rotations a lot easier.

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Simple Metal Tables


These are two glass-topped metal tables that match the Maxis “Drafting Table”. The small table with linoleum top instead of glass is available here.

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Small Tabula Rasa Dining Table


This is a small dining table that matches the Maxis “Tabula Rasa” items: the mesh looks the same as the “Square Meals” table (just with a wood top instead of glass); the textures are referenced from the Tabula Rasa coffee table so it has the same 7 colour variants as that.

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Boring Desk


An unobtrusive desk that is suitable for all kinds of contexts, matching the other Boring things I made (which means it also matches some other stuff since the textures for this series are all derived from Maxis Base Game items).

You need to download the Boring Dresser for this to work, since it contains all the textures!

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