Wilder Animals


Makes it so that bears, boars and wolves will steal food from houses and storage buildings every now and then.

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Leather and Linen Clothing


These are two custom clothing types: leather and linen clothing that can be made using  only leather / only flax, respectively. They’re available in the Tailor’s workshop with the regular options; villagers will use them the same way.

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Slower Trees | 0.9.6127

Makes the trees in the game grow slower, but also last longer .. so they behave more like trees overall, and less like daffodils.

The density also varies more with this mod (birch and pine trees grow more densely than by default, oak trees need more space).

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Custom Storage Fix

Edits the city window resource counting so that resources in custom storage buildings will also be displayed (not only those in standard barns and warehouses). Alcohol counting remains unchanged.

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Get more food

This changes two things about how villagers get food to their house:

1. They will always get the maximum amount of food they can carry (instead of trawling across town with 6 fruits in their bag);

2. They will consider more than just one barn to get food from (within the radius that is defined in config) — so they won’t starve just because the barn next to their house is empty, and they will bring a larger variety of food as well (everything that is available within that radius, instead of just what’s in the closest barn).

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Flax/Oat baskets | 0.9.6127


This overrides the flax and oat baskets and bags with versions that have distinct textures, so that one can tell them apart in game (they look like vegetables by default).

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Yellow beets | 0.9.6127


These are the in-game “rootcrops” made available on fields as vegetables. Available right at the start of the game; they behave just like other plantable vegetables.

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