Striped Rugs in Six Sizes


These are some striped and not-so-striped rugs in six small-ish sizes with 36 colour variants each. The patterns are pretty simple, so they should fit a variety of styles.

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Super Sisal Edits/Add-Ons


Additional small sizes for the Maxis “Super Sisal” rugs that are all mapped to the same textures, plus mesh and optional texture overrides for all of them.

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Meridian Rug Add-Ons


Four additional sizes for the Maxis “Meridian” rug (Base Game), plus some desaturated texture overrides for the colour variants that were a little too bright for my taste; they will work for both the original rug and these.

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Magic Carpet Specular Fix


Specular fix for the high-gloss “Magic Carpet” (Maxis, Base Game) that makes it non-shiny like a carpet would normally be. Except maybe when it has magic powers =P.

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Default overrides for “Animal Squares” rug


I often need a rug in this size, but there are only horrible ones that I will likely never use. So this is an override for the 70§ “Animal Squares” rug that replaces all 12 colours with textures matching the large “Show Your Stripes” one; I tried to use similar-ish colours for each (whenever possible).

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