Juice Blender


This is a functional juice blender that sims can use to make juice from apples, pears, carrots, tomatos, blackberries, grapes, or oranges.

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Functional Tea Pot


This is a tea pot that magically also boils water and beeps when it’s done (in other words, a tea brewing machine in the shape of a teapot).

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Fitted Country Kitchen Cupboard


This is a functional fridge in the form of a cupboard that fits the Country Kitchen from here. A similar fridge that looks more like a standalone cupboard is here.

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SCargeaux Cupboard and Fridge


This is a fridge that matches the Maxis “SCargeaux” kitchen, in two versions: one with a fridge interior, and one with a cupboard interior (for households where an electric fridge may not seem appropriate). The exterior is identical in both versions.

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Kitchen Cupboard


This is a functional fridge in the form of a wooden kitchen cupboard, for households where a modern fridge would seem out of place. The interior is adequately non-fridgy, as well. There is a kitchen (counters/cabinets) in this style too.

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Less silly counter corner appliance placement


This is a rig/rslt override for counter corners (both with and without backsplash) that moves diagonally-placed small appliances back a little bit. Because every time I see the default placement of those coffee machines I have visions of hot liquids and second-degree burns and crying sims =( .. seriously, who would place a coffee machine like that?

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Cabinet-compatible Fridges


It annoyed me every time how most of the fridges will aaaaaalmooooost fit underneath a Maxis cabinet .. but not quite. So I re-meshed the two cheapo “Crisponix” fridges (“Splendid” and “Adequate”); they are now exactly the height of a standard cabinet underside and wil fit snugly (no moveobjects required).

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