Photopollution Ceiling Light Override


This is a mesh + functional override for the Maxis “Photopollution” ceiling light (GT) that gets rid of the fugly triangular glowsticks and adds candles instead.

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Buttercups Wall Candle Holder


This is a candle holder meant to be used with these candles or similar ones. It does not contain any candles as is.

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Single Candle + Candle Holders


This is a single candle and two antique candle holders, a regular and a wall-mounted one.
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Candles + Candle Holders


Functional candles in two heights, and three candle holders/trays to put them on. A single candle that matches these as well as matching single candle holders are here; a wall candle holder is here.

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You’ve Got the Table Light


A table lamp matching the Base Game “You’ve Got the Light” floor lamp. It references all textures from that so any overrides for the floor lamp will also work for this.

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