Backless Double Delight


A backless version of the Maxis “Double Delight” showertub. Works like the original in every way, only without the surrounding tile walls.

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No Dishes in Bathroom Sinks


These are object tuning overrides that remove the dishwashing interactions from eight different sinks (those that look like one would use them in a bathroom), to be able to better control where sims can and cannot wash their dishes.

Updated for 1.13 (2015-12-15). This is not compatible with earlier game versions since object states (dirty etc) are defined differently as of 1.13.

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Bathtub Curtain


This is a standalone version of the curtain from the Maxis “Clawfoot” showertub which can be used with any other tub.

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Showertub Curtain Overrides


Texture overrides for the curtains of the Maxis “Clawfoot” shower tub. I’m not keen on those oversized ornaments everywhere, so I removed them and added some subtle stripes/polka dots instead on the white variants.

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Toilet texture overrides


These are texture overrides for the Maxis “John”, “Raw”, and “Old Time” toilets that greatly reduce the inexplicable high-gloss (how much time do sims spend each day polishing their toilets?) and change most of the colour options for John and Oldtime into something more useful.

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Portable Washing Bowl


A washing bowl that provides basic hygiene functions ‒ you can’t do anything fancy with it, but on the upside it’s cheap and won’t break.

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Obsolete: Bathtub Transparency Fix


This is a fix for the Floral Hygiene, Superb Soakster, and Princess Cordelia’s bathtubs that exhibit a surreal kind of “transparency” (displaying the self shadow of stuff beind them instead of their own) by default.

2015-09-13: This seems to be fixed as of 1.10.63 (possibly earlier; I only just noticed it isn’t an issue any more).

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