Sexy Pose Equality


This makes it so that sim girls can also show off their muscles and guys can bat their eyelashes when they decide to Pose Sexily, not just the other way around.

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Non-Microwave Oatmeal

This is the Maxis oatmeal, made available directly from the fridge (i.e. without having to use a microwave).

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Microwave Pizza


This is a Maxis single serving pizza that can be prepared in a microwave. It costs 8§ and does not require any ingredients or cooking skill. Available in the “Have Quick Meal” menus on the fridge and microwave.

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Harvesting for Children


Custom interactions + script that enable harvesting for children, as well as talking to plants. They will use the generic Swipe animation for the harvesting, which is pretty similar to the regular one except that it has a different sound and no prop.

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Tea for Children


This adds interactions for children to the tea and tea maker object tuning, so that they can have tea as well. Because why on earth should children not be allowed to drink tea?

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Single Cups of Tea/Coffee


This adds the “Brew Cup” option (which already exists, just isn’t used) to all base game coffee / tea machines, as well as custom machines (like this one) that use base game tuning.

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Obsolete: Normal Eating (1.14 Spicy Food Fix)


This fixes the issue introduced with 1.14 where no matter what sims eat (except ice cream), they would inevitably have a “Woah spicy” reaction.

This has been fixed in 1.15.

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