A tool for Forest Village that enables users to organise their mods in a separate folder and copy them over automatically, rather than having to edit files in the game folder by hand.

Info + Feedback auf Deutsch (FV Modding Group auf Steam)

This ought to make it easier for players to use various different mods in parallel, at least until an official tool for this purpose is released. Also, it allows modders to include only the relevant data (i.e. content they have actually changed) in their mods, which improves compatibility between different mods.

Download + release notes | Feedback

Make sure you always use the current version for a current game (the link above always goes to the newest version, so just redownload). Older versions are likely not compatible anymore, due to frequent changes in how the game handles its files.

How to use | Installing mods for FV:

  1. Extract the zip of the mod that you’ve downloaded; this should result in a folder with several other files and folders in it (e.g. /cfg, /scripts).
  2. Put that folder in your Mods folder (see Release notes > Requirements if you don’t have it set up yet) and doubleclick on FVModSync.exe when you want to install it. It will open a console window that looks like the screenshot above, telling you what its doing and alerting you when it finds technical problems with the mods you have.

You can rename the main folder of each mod (e.g. “pbox_nicemod_0-9-6008”) if you want, but don’t rename anything inside it (e.g. “scripts”).

See the Feedback thread for more detailed information or when you have questions. This is in the FV modding group on Steam; also contains To-Do/Wishlist, changelog etc. Note that you need to join that group in order to post there.


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