Balsa Seat


The Maxis “Balsa” awning (GT) turned into a wall-mounted bench, so it is now a little less pointless.

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Old Local Comfy Dining Chair


This is a dining chair that matches the Maxis “Old Local” barstool (EP02/Get Together). As you can see it is basically the same thing but lower, and made to work like a regular chair.

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Galleon Bed Frame (Texture-Referencing)


This is a frame-only version of the Maxis “Princess Cordelia’s Galleon Bed” that gets its textures from the game files, so it is a lot smaller than clones that come with duplicates of those textures.

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Executive Loveseat


A loveseat that matches the Maxis “Executive Guest Chair”. Comes in all of the chair colours plus three custom ones (blue, light grey, light green); it is a regular object that does not need to be unlockacheivemented.
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Stackable Kindermade Chair + Recolours


This is an override for the Maxis “Kindermade” chair as a stackable chair, plus some recolours.

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Mega Dining Chair Recolours / Override


These are 23 additional colour variants for the Maxis “Mega” dining chair, using the mesh from this override which is also included for the Maxis colour variants.

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