Photopollution Ceiling Light Override


This is a mesh + functional override for the Maxis “Photopollution” ceiling light (GT) that gets rid of the fugly triangular glowsticks and adds candles instead.

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Slightly Larger Sunspot Awning


This is a mesh override for the GT “Sunspot Awning” to make it so that it fits around walls, rather than inside walls. I like to use this for deco glass houses, and they look stupid when the walls go around the roof.

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Simple Siding Add-On: Extra Colours/Overrides


Some more colour options for the Maxis “Simple Siding” walls. They are seamless, have automatic corners (with the less silly behaviour aka “More Corners”) and play nicely with the existing ones. I’d recommend to use this in conjunction with MoreCorners so that all walls behave the same.

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Empty Props ‒ Oasis Springs


These are empty overrides for many of the Oasis Springs background props (buildings, signs, etc), to make that world appear a little less pre-fabricated.

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Rustic Wall Shelf Shadow Fix + Missing Colour


This is a mesh override that changes the wall shadow of the Maxis “Rustic Wall Shelf” to something more reasonable, as well as another package (“set2”) that unlocks the missing second colour variant (which is in the game files, but not available by default).

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Less Shiny Metal Roofs


Two roof edits to make the Maxis metal roofs less/not shiny: an override for the “My Own Corrugated Castle” roof that makes it completely unshiny, and a less shiny version for the “Sheet Metal” roof. Because “corrugated” and “glossy” are two different concepts.

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No-Backsplash Counters


These are OBJD overrides for all of the Maxis base game counters that make them always use the no-backsplash version (no matter whether or not they’re against a wall).

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