Country Kitchen


A full set of counters and cabinets in 12 colours, each with a few different countertops to choose from, so the counters have 34 colour variants all in all. The cabinets have an additional “No-Drop” version (which is also displayed when walls are down, so there won’t be obvious gaps in the kitchen when you use e.g. the tall cabinet like a cupboard).

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No-Backsplash Counters


These are OBJD overrides for all of the Maxis base game counters that make them always use the no-backsplash version (no matter whether or not they’re against a wall).

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Unlocked VAULT Colour Options + No-Splash Counters


Seven additional colour variants for the VAULT counters and cabinets that are in the game files but not used.

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BlandCo Recolours + No-Splash version


Ten recolours for the Maxis BlandCo kitchen: counters, islands, cabinets, plus an additional No-Drop version for the cabinets.
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Less silly counter corner appliance placement


This is a rig/rslt override for counter corners (both with and without backsplash) that moves diagonally-placed small appliances back a little bit. Because every time I see the default placement of those coffee machines I have visions of hot liquids and second-degree burns and crying sims =( .. seriously, who would place a coffee machine like that?

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BlandCo Wood Countertops


These are some wood countertops for the Maxis “BlandCo” counters and islands ‒ they only contain the countertop diffuse textures, all of the other ones are referenced from the original items so they will match them exactly and also pick up any texture overrides you already have.

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No-Drop Harbinger and Tall Order cabinets


These are custom catalogue objects of the Harbinger and Tall Order cabinets that do not drop with walls, so it won’t look like they’re missing when viewed from the back side.

There are No-Drop Cabinets for other kitchens as well. I strongly recommend to use this in conjunction with this mod  — shader fix for the Harbinger cabinets, so that they will be rendered like the counters.

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