Two Decorative Columns (GT)


Decorative versions of two Maxis GT columns which can be placed off grid and do not remove fenceposts.

They can intersect anything including walls and will automagically adapt to the wall height of the floor they are on (these are just catalogue objects pointing to the actual Maxis columns, so they behave just like these in that regard).

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Blue Overrides


Generally speaking, I like blue .. but not THAT blue. So I made 56 overrides to turn everything that comes in that blue into the other blue ‒ the dark grey-ish one as below, which isn’t a particularly exciting colour either but at least it’s unobtrusive.

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Mega Column (Very Basic)


This is a simplified version of the Maxis “Mega (Basic)” column. It’s available both as a regular column and as deco version that can be moved off the grid. Both versions work for all wall heights.

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Three Decorative Columns


These are three of the Maxis columns as decorative objects, so that they can be placed off the grid. Four other columns like these (Mega Basic, Tintoretto, Calabria Hexagonal, Grosvenor) are available here.

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Four Decorative Columns


Four Maxis columns as decorative objects, so that they can be placed off the grid or wherever. Three other decorative columns like these (Annesley, Mega Deluxe, and Graeco-Roman) are uploaded here.

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No-Fade Columns


This makes it so that the Maxis base game columns will not fade out in Live mode. Because when integral parts of a building suddenly vanish it looks stupid most of the time, and columns tend to be not very wide anyway .. one can easily see what’s going on around them even when they don’t fade. Also gets rid of the additional silly-lookingness of the columns fading out while their shadows are still being displayed.

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