Rustic Wall Bookshelf


A small wall-mounted bookshelf that works like the Maxis “Intellectual Illusion”, but the style is more traditional. It is matching the Maxis “Rustic Wall Shelf” display (the shelf is identical with that), and the “Caress” bookcase ( + variations thereof).

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Muse Shelf Add-Ons


These are six single tile shelves ‒ three bookshelves and three display shelves ‒ that match the Maxis “Muse” bookshelf, but are resized to the width of one tile so they sit flush next to each other and can be combined seamlessly.

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Less Gigantic Fashionista’s Closet


This is a smaller version of the Maxis “Fashionista’s” closet .. because those closets are nice, but not every sim needs a 2×2m one.

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Bright Eyes Slots + Mesh Override


This is an override for the Maxis “Bright Eyes” bookcase that gives it a more basic (rectangular) shape and adds some slots on top.

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Audrinite Side Table / Dresser


This is a low side table that also works as a dresser. It is re-meshed from (and matches) the Maxis “Audrinite” dresser, looks good as a TV stand as well. The basic shape is the same as the Shenanigan Side Table, it also has the same slots (minus those on the inner shelf of course).

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Shugart Bookcase Texture Fix


A texture override for the black/white variant of the Maxis “Shugart Bookstation” that fixes the background colour overlapping the rest. This is most noticeable on the top.

Bottom: Woops / Top: Fixed

Overrides _IMG 0x00B2D882-0x00000000-0x58CCD5935EF8DDCF.

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