Galleon Bed Frame (Texture-Referencing)


This is a frame-only version of the Maxis “Princess Cordelia’s Galleon Bed” that gets its textures from the game files, so it is a lot smaller than clones that come with duplicates of those textures.

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“Emi”/“Uto” Bed Frames


These are my re-meshed (simplified) versions of the Maxis “Eminence” and “Utopiate” beds, in the form of separate bed frames. They are also available as mesh overrides here.

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The Missionary Day Bed Frame


A single day bed frame that matches its cousin the Missionary bed (and their grand-uncle, the Maxis Single/Double Mission). Since sims will often sit on beds anyway to socialise and watch TV and so on, this should be a nice space-saving option for small houses.

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ModPod/TeenDreams Bed Frames


These are texture-referencing emtpified versions of the Maxis “ModPod” and “Teen Dreams” bed frames, plus a custom white colour option for each.

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The Missionary Bed Frame


A single and double bed frame re-meshed from the Maxis Double/Single Mission beds. This is also available as an override for those beds here.

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Texture-Referencing Mattresses


Here are some mattresses that are getting their textures from existing Maxis beds/beddings ‒ some of those are quite nice, but they’re a lot more flexible to use when they aren’t glued to one bed each.

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Mission Beds Mesh Overrides


These are mesh overrides for the Maxis Single and Double Mission beds that make them less clunky and simpler overall, while sorta keeping the same style.

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