Activity Chair (for any table)


This is a stripped-down version of the Maxis Activity Table for children: it only consists of some supplies and a standard-height chair, so it can be used with any regular table (instead of only that one special object that looks completely out of place almost everywhere .. it’s not like children cannot make a mess on your beautiful dinner table too!)

I originally wanted to make this an object like a book or something, without the chair tied to it, but then I realised having the chair included is actually quite practical — this way, older sims cannot hog it (the entire object is only useable for children).

This is using different get-on/off animations than the Maxian activity table, because both the seat and the surface are higher than that, and there is still a bit of glitchiness that I haven’t managed to eradicate (but it’s not terribly terrible IMO):

  • When resuming drawings (not starting new ones), children sometimes still use the original get-in animation for the small chair (once they sit, everything is fine)
  • While getting off, their feet clip into the floor a little bit (see screenshots)
  • The visual effects when they pour glitter and macaroni onto their artwork currently ends up underneath the drawing surface somewhere, so you don’t see it. The main drawing animations all work fine though, and the kids don’t stretch or anything like that.

Note that you will need bb.moveobjects to place it — the only ways I know about to get around that would mean that sims can clip through it too (gah) or use the wrong low-chair animations again (unless I’d include a ton of custom tuning just to get around that, which is also a bit gah -> more customness, more breakability).

Six colour options (all referenced from the Kindermade chair and the original drawing table), 65§, available in Function > Children > Activities and Room > Children > Activities.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 635V/626F
Mid Poly: 361V/308F
Low Poly: 208V/162F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 341V/624F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 175V/308F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 100V/162F

Download / Feedback

s4pe, TSRW/Milkshape.