GT Wall Deco Height Overrides


This mod allows for more flexible placement of the the GT drainpipes + the three wall-mounted plants shown above: they can now be placed on the ground, rather than on the bottom of the ground floor like they are by default. Because that means they will hang in the middle of the wall when the house has a foundation, and who wants that?

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Two Decorative Columns (GT)


Decorative versions of two Maxis GT columns which can be placed off grid and do not remove fenceposts.

They can intersect anything including walls and will automagically adapt to the wall height of the floor they are on (these are just catalogue objects pointing to the actual Maxis columns, so they behave just like these in that regard).

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Stonework Fencepost


This is a decorative fencepost to be combined with fences, such as the Maxis stone wall it’s from — so that one can decide for oneself where the posts should go — or used as decorative post for gates, porches and the like.

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Bright Eyes Slots + Mesh Override


This is an override for the Maxis “Bright Eyes” bookcase that gives it a more basic (rectangular) shape and adds some slots on top.

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Basic Bay Window Slots


This adds some deco slots to the Maxis Basic Bay Window (and the two-tile version of it if you have that). On the screenshot, the tissue boxes are in Medium slots and the soap dispensers in Small ones.

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Stackable Kindermade Chair + Recolours


This is an override for the Maxis “Kindermade” chair as a stackable chair, plus some recolours.

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More Slots for All-Purpose Desk


This is an override that adds seven small deco slots to the top of the Maxis “All-Purpose Desk”. It looks like it should have some there, but by default it doesn’t.

Overrides the _RIG/RSLT 0x0D004129DE6C3B67. Note that when the desk is against a wall (which it often will be) you’ll need to turn on moveobjects for many items to fit on there, since otherwise the game thinks their footprint is too large and would clip into the wall. Same for large-ish items when they are closely spaced.

Special thanks to CmarNYC for her work on the s4pe RSLT wrapper and for pointing me at this page which makes figuring out those slot rotations a lot easier.

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