Park Shore Overhaul


This is an overhaul of the Maxis “Parkshore” lot in Willow Creek. IMO the exterior looks better now with a less clunky facade, in particular I canged the bulky tower thing in the back into a more elegant little pavillon. The interior is similar to the Maxis version but reorganised to be more useful; it has four bedrooms as before but five bathrooms (some of them half baths) so sims should never have to wait in line for a free one. The pointless empty corridors are turned into living spaces.

If you prefer a larger kitchen one could expand the downstairs bathroom to take up the covered porch in front of it, and then swap kitchen and bathroom.

Custom content required so it’ll look like on the screenshots (a lot of which is a Maxis overhaul in itself, so kind of fits the theme):

Modular Plants V
Modular Flower Shrubs + Pot
Small Victorian Dollhouse
Small Modern Dollhouse
Meridian Rug Add-Ons
Cabinet-compatible Splendid Fridge
“Sea Princess” Armoire
Modular Gristle Tile Panel

Toilet texture overrides
Brock Chair Mesh Override
Texture overrides for “Baby’s First” Wastebasket
No-Stencil texture overrides for Pandora Toy Box

Table Lamps Anywhere
No Deco Foundations
Clutter Anywhere
Electronics Anywhere

Liberated Garden Stuff, Liberated Desert Plants and Liberated Grass/Reeds might also be useful so you have proper names and descriptions on some of those objects. All of that CC is by myself.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 30×40
Lot Price (furnished): 194.461§