Juice Blender


This is a functional juice blender that sims can use to make juice from apples, pears, carrots, tomatos, blackberries, grapes, or oranges.

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Craftable Pottery


A new kind of craftable that sims can make in-game: buy a blob of clay, mold it for a while, and get a small craftable in return (or fail and get a pile of shards).

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Craftables made recolourable


This gives the four mission-style woodwork craftables the same colour options that the regular buyable items have. Because why would a handmade item be less configurable than a store-bought one?

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Painting Wall Holder ‒ Lean Anywhere


This is a little wall holder for sim-painted paintings that can be used to lean paintings to the wall pretty much anywhere. It comes in three variants for the small, medium and large paintings (since the paintings need to be mounted closer or further from the wall depending on their height, so that the top touches the wall exactly).

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Painting Frames


These are some frames with passepartout that are made to fit the small / large / medium sim-painted paintings, plus a landscape one that fits most of the Maxis landscape-sized paintings (and any custom ones that use one of those meshes) so you can change their frame colour too.

An additional small landscape-sized frame is also available in this post.

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Activity Chair (for any table)


This is a stripped-down version of the Maxis Activity Table for children: it only consists of some supplies and a standard-height chair, so it can be used with any regular table (instead of only that one special object that looks completely out of place almost everywhere .. it’s not like children cannot make a mess on your beautiful dinner table too!)

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No trait requirement for Skill Books


This makes it so that writing skill books on computers requires Writing level five (plus a high level of whichever skill the book is about), instead of the Professorial trait (aka Chronicler) that the Renaissance sim aspiration provides – same as in my Notebook, in other words. Because I think writing manuals needs skill, and is not something that one can do just by .. aspiring.

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