Modular Plants VI


Some GT plants and planters made into separate items, so they can combined freely (also with various other modular plants/pots).

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Vase for Garden Flowers


This is a small empty vase that can hold up to three of those garden flowers that are otherwise just being useless. Sage also looks good in it (perhaps other herbs too, but my sims don’t have any at the moment). It is re-meshed from the Single Rose but a little smaller and rounder than that.

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Modular Plants V


Some more modular plants; partly new ones and partly Maxis ones made pottable.

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Modular Flower Shrubs + Pot


Some of the Maxian garden flower shrubs really look like they’re made to be potted, so I made some pottable versions .. and gave them a large pot in 14 colour variants as well. The pot also works for garden plants (i.e. the harvestable shrubs/flowers/things); just be aware that when you put them indoors the watering tends to result in puddles.

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Modular Plants III


Some more pots and plants that can be mixed and matched, also with other Modular plants/pots.

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Modular Plants II


Some more modular plants, this time with a small tabletop pot, that can also be mixed and matched with other Modular Plants.

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Modular Hanging Plants


Some modular hanging plants for TS4: seven empty pots with a deco slot to stick a plant on, and seven plants to combine with it ‒> 49 variations all in all.

These can be combined with other Modular Plants too.

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