Muse Shelf Add-Ons


These are six single tile shelves ‒ three bookshelves and three display shelves ‒ that match the Maxis “Muse” bookshelf, but are resized to the width of one tile so they sit flush next to each other and can be combined seamlessly.

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Balsa Shelf


The “Balsa” awning from GT at half the size, turned into an outdoorsy wall shelf (it probably also looks good in a rustic / industrial kitchen or basement).

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Rustic Wall Shelf Shadow Fix + Missing Colour


This is a mesh override that changes the wall shadow of the Maxis “Rustic Wall Shelf” to something more reasonable, as well as another package (“set2”) that unlocks the missing second colour variant (which is in the game files, but not available by default).

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Painting Wall Holder ‒ Lean Anywhere


This is a little wall holder for sim-painted paintings that can be used to lean paintings to the wall pretty much anywhere. It comes in three variants for the small, medium and large paintings (since the paintings need to be mounted closer or further from the wall depending on their height, so that the top touches the wall exactly).

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Simple Symmetry Edit/Add-Ons


These are three additional shelves (a medium-height bookcase and two displays) plus a mesh override for the original Maxis “Simple Symmetry” bookshelf (Base Game). They sit flush next to each other and use the Counter shader so there’s no issues with uneven lighting. I also moved all of them back against the wall and added slots on top of the original (the new ones also have appropriate slots of course).

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Shader Fix for “Immaculate” Shelf + additional colours


This is a mesh override for the Maxis “Immaculate” shelf (Base Game) that changes the shader to Counters so they will be evenly lit, regardless of what is on them.

I also added three more colour variants while I was at it ‒ white wood, a darker light wood, and plain white (without those bumpmapped lines). Same thumbnail and same model (so the in-game design tool will work for these).

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Centurion Display


A display shelf that matches the Maxis “Centurion” dining hutch, with nine slots to put stuff in and in the same 19 colours as the original. This is exactly one tile wide so it’ll be seamless when you put several of these next to each other; a mesh override that resizes the dining hutch to the same size is available here.

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