Boring Coffee Table


A small coffee table matching the other Boring items.

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Country Sideboard


This is a sideboard that goes with all of the Maxis country stuff (“Caress” and so on) but is not so over-decorated. The are some other matching Country items too.

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Ascension Mesh Override


Mesh override for the Maxis “Ascension” coffee table. I don’t even know what kind of shape that is supposed to be (Elephant stomped on his little brother’s favourite toy?) but it’s certainly not a “Nice coffee table I’d like to have in my house” shape.

Everything but the mesh is unchanged. It is now also using the textures of the “Statements” console table so it is matching that better.

Polygon Counts: 158V/120F; sun shadow: 45V/77F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.

Shenanigan Side Table


A low side table matching the Maxis “Shugart Bookstation”. It fits exactly in a corner by default and has plenty of slots on top and three on the little inner shelf (see the Audrinite Side Table / Dresser post for a picture of the top slots).

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Audrinite Side Table / Dresser


This is a low side table that also works as a dresser. It is re-meshed from (and matches) the Maxis “Audrinite” dresser, looks good as a TV stand as well. The basic shape is the same as the Shenanigan Side Table, it also has the same slots (minus those on the inner shelf of course).

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“Distraction” Book Table + Texture Override


This is a side-table-shaped bookcase that matches the Maxis “Deep Thoughts”. It is not a reward object and should be a nice alternative when the Deep Thoughts is a little too large and clunky.

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