Homemade Pizza Margherita


This is a pizza that sims can prepare in the oven, instead of having to order it.

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Cereal Name Overrides


These are four name overrides for the cereal to choose from. Because it’s confusing the heck out of me when I click on “Cereal” and get what looks like a bowl of candy .. and now that I moved the oatmeal over to the fridge (which looks exactly like what I think of as cereal) it’s confusing me even more.

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Microwave Pizza


This is a Maxis single serving pizza that can be prepared in a microwave. It costs 8§ and does not require any ingredients or cooking skill. Available in the “Have Quick Meal” menus on the fridge and microwave.

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Harvestable Lettuce


A harvestable lettuce plant. Children can harvest it as well; they use the standard “Swipe to Inventory” animation (which is pretty much the same as the Harvest one, only with a different sound and no prop).

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Tea for Children


This adds interactions for children to the tea and tea maker object tuning, so that they can have tea as well. Because why on earth should children not be allowed to drink tea?

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