Content on this site

This site holds the custom content that I have created for The Sims 4 and Forest Village. Content for TS2 and TS3 is available at modthesims.info. All uploads that also exist on mts (earlier than March 8 2016) are linked directly from there — so the files are identical; if you already got them from mts there is no need to redownload.

Ads and privacy

WordPress.com state that on their free-of-charge plan (which is what I’m using, since I’m not willing to spend any money on this) there may be text ads at the bottom of pages. I haven’t seen any yet, but I hope they are not too annoying. I’m not earning anything from those ads, so I have no problem with people blocking or ignoring them.

Needless to say, never click on anything that does not look 100% kosher to you. If you’re concerned about being tracked, you might want to install PrivacyBadger, and/or use NoScript to block scripts from sites you don’t trust. Also, here’s a link to the WordPress.com cookie policy.


I’ve turned off the comments for uploads that already existed on modthesims when I put up this site (I didn’t want two feedback threads about the same thing) — please use the comments on mts if you have something to say.

For newer uploads, comments are moderated so they won’t be published immediately, but I’ll be seeing them nevertheless. I’m going to assume that all comments are supposed to be published unless there’s a note in the comment telling me otherwise.

Terms of Use

Everything I post here is published under BY-NC-SA Creative Commons 4.0  (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike). In practical terms:

– Feel free to recycle, you don’t need to ask.

– For the attribution, please link directly to the upload you’re using, particularly when you make edits for/with different games or game versions.

– If you use my stuff in something you make, please upload the result to a free, accessible, noncommercial site with no more restrictions than these. Code must remain open source; meshes and other material must remain re-usable.

Please do not redistribute any unmodified files – link to the upload post instead.