Mega Budget (Extra DeLite) Doors


These are two additional versions of the Maxis Mega (Budget DeLite) door, with a larger window (they also let more light in).

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Mega Budget / DeLite Add-Ons


Maxis-matching recolours and two-tile versions of the “Mega (Budget DeLite)” door and the “Mega (Budget)” doors from here.

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Two-Tile House on a Hill Window


The Maxis House on a Hill window, centered in the middle of two tiles. Plus a tagfix override for the original that changes the colour tag on the very light wood version to BrownLight, and on the light grey to Grey (they are both tagged as White by default).

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Two-Tile Yeronga Entry Device


This is a two-tile version of the Maxis “Unbranded Entry Device” door, using the rolled glass texture from beefysim1’s Queenslander Doors (Yeronga Collection). I love their glass textures but I really like two-tile doors as well =).

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Two-tile Basic Bay Window


The Maxis “Basic Bay Window” as a two-tile window. Same colour variants and price as the original; if you want slots on the inner sill the Basic Bay Window Slots will work for this one as well.

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Tall Order Add-Ons


This is the Maxis Tall Order window separated into the window (one- and two-tile) and shutters, so that it can be used more flexibly. The shutter also fits two of the Mega windows, see screenshots.

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Two-tile Door with Faux Columns


The Maxis “Door with Faux Columns”, centered on two tiles instead of three.

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