Get more food

This changes two things about how villagers get food to their house:

1. They will always get the maximum amount of food they can carry (instead of trawling across town with 6 fruits in their bag);

2. They will consider more than just one barn to get food from (within the radius that is defined in config) — so they won’t starve just because the barn next to their house is empty, and they will bring a larger variety of food as well (everything that is available within that radius, instead of just what’s in the closest barn).

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Logical Transport | 0.9.6127


Edits the amount of stuff that villagers can transport, along the lines of basic physics and common sense and 1 × 1 . When a villager can carry eight logs at a time, and a woodcutter cuts each log into three pieces of firewood, then how many pieces of firewood can they carry?

Also makes it so that when a villager carries something, and they don’t have a barn/warehouse to bring it to, said something will be dumped on the floor instead of vanishing into thin air.

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