Custom Storage Fix

Edits the city window resource counting so that resources in custom storage buildings will also be displayed (not only those in standard barns and warehouses). Alcohol counting remains unchanged.

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Flax/Oat baskets | 0.9.6127


This overrides the flax and oat baskets and bags with versions that have distinct textures, so that one can tell them apart in game (they look like vegetables by default).

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Building materials


This edits what materials various buildings need in order to be constructed, based on their appearance in game (e.g. buildings with a wooden roof do not require hay). My custom buildings should all be in line with this, so if you have any of those you might want to install this for consistency.

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Larger City Window


Adds one line to the city overview window. Useful when you have custom resources installed (the above picture shows mushrooms, one new kind of tool and two new kinds of clothes — without the larger window, this would result in ugly and cumbersome scrollbars).

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2017-04-01: No changes for 0.9.6127.
Seems to be working just fine in 0.9.6112.

Strawberries are red


Texture override for the bright blue strawberries (they are all red now), and also for the sky blue mushrooms (changed to brown).

Download | How to use (FVModSync installation)

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