Muse Shelf Add-Ons


These are six single tile shelves ‒ three bookshelves and three display shelves ‒ that match the Maxis “Muse” bookshelf, but are resized to the width of one tile so they sit flush next to each other and can be combined seamlessly.

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Balsa Seat


The Maxis “Balsa” awning (GT) turned into a wall-mounted bench, so it is now a little less pointless.

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Balsa Shelf


The “Balsa” awning from GT at half the size, turned into an outdoorsy wall shelf (it probably also looks good in a rustic / industrial kitchen or basement).

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GT World Textures as Terrain Paint


Some of the GT world textures made available as terrain paint: one grass, two sand textures, two dirt textures, and four stone pavers.

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GT Wood Walls as Floor Tiles


These are the four GT wood walls (five material variants each) made available as floor tiles. I think they secretly wanted to be floors anyway.

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Dare to be Floor Tiles


The Maxis “Dare to be Square” tile walls (Base Game) as floor tiles.

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Windenburg Stone Floors


Some GT world textures as floortiles, among them the flagstone pavement that is used in most of Windenburg.

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