Slower Trees | 0.9.6127

Makes the trees in the game grow slower, but also last longer .. so they behave more like trees overall, and less like daffodils.

The density also varies more with this mod (birch and pine trees grow more densely than by default, oak trees need more space).

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Decorative green shrubs | 0.9.6127


16 of the in-game shrubs as decorative shrubs. They work just like these decorative flower shrubs.

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Yellow beets | 0.9.6127


These are the in-game “rootcrops” made available on fields as vegetables. Available right at the start of the game; they behave just like other plantable vegetables.

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Strawberry Fields | 0.9.6127


These are the in-game strawberries (gatherable fruits) made available on fields, just like wheat, potatos and so on.

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