Henricks ‒ 6BR 4BA, no CC


This is a spacious little house, suitable for a larger family or some roommates. It has a combined kitchen / dining room and living room on the ground floor, another living room / study on the first floor, and a hobby area as well as an attic on the top floor. Furnished for seven sims with two empty (bed)rooms; there are various hobby items included throughout the house.

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Bernoulli ‒ 3BR 3BA, no CC


A comfortable three-bedroom house with a small pool in the back yard. It is furnished for three sims with an empty spare bedroom; the basement is empty as well. The downstairs layout is quite open with a combined kitchen / bar / dining / sitting area; one could also separate the sitting area with a wall to turn it into a separate study or small bedroom.

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Fairview ‒ 3BR 2BA, no CC


I originally planned to rebuild this house for TS4, but as usual it turned out a little different. Furnished for four sims, separate kitchen/dining and living room on the ground floor, three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, with pool in the back yard.

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Frederikson ‒ 2BR 2BA, no CC


A re-make of this lot for TS4, furnished for 3‒4 sims. It has an empty basement that could be converted to add more bedrooms, and a small above-ground pool in the back yard.

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Ferguson ‒ 3BR 2BA, no CC


This is a re-make of this lot for TS3 ‒ it’s not quite identical due to technical differences between TS3 and 4, and I also modified the floor plan on the ground floor somewhat, but it’s pretty close.

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Bodoni ‒ 2BR 1BA, no CC


This is a small starter, furnished for 1‒2 sims with a small empty spare room. It is very sparsely furnished to keep the price under 20.000, but all of the basics are included.

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Alternate Goth Mansion, no CC


This was originally meant to become an overhaul of the existing lot, but it turned out so different that it’s now more of an alternate version. The interior is still kind of similar but it has an addtional top floor and basement now, and the exterior doesn’t resemble the original lot very much any more.

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