Boring Tables


Two simple dining tables ‒ a long and a small one ‒ that match the other Boring items I made, as well as a bunch of Maxis things. You need to download the Boring Dresser since it contains almost all of the undercarriage textures!

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Dare to be Floor Tiles


The Maxis “Dare to be Square” tile walls (Base Game) as floor tiles.

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Juice Blender


This is a functional juice blender that sims can use to make juice from apples, pears, carrots, tomatos, blackberries, grapes, or oranges.

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Functional Tea Pot


This is a tea pot that magically also boils water and beeps when it’s done (in other words, a tea brewing machine in the shape of a teapot).

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Fitted Country Kitchen Cupboard


This is a functional fridge in the form of a cupboard that fits the Country Kitchen from here. A similar fridge that looks more like a standalone cupboard is here.

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Country Kitchen


A full set of counters and cabinets in 12 colours, each with a few different countertops to choose from, so the counters have 34 colour variants all in all. The cabinets have an additional “No-Drop” version (which is also displayed when walls are down, so there won’t be obvious gaps in the kitchen when you use e.g. the tall cabinet like a cupboard).

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No-Backsplash Counters


These are OBJD overrides for all of the Maxis base game counters that make them always use the no-backsplash version (no matter whether or not they’re against a wall).

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