GT Wall Deco Height Overrides


This mod allows for more flexible placement of the the GT drainpipes + the three wall-mounted plants shown above: they can now be placed on the ground, rather than on the bottom of the ground floor like they are by default. Because that means they will hang in the middle of the wall when the house has a foundation, and who wants that?

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Tuftless Fencepost Override


This is an override for the fencepost of the “Tuftful Privacy Fence” (Maxis/GT) that removes the grass on top. That looks nice maybe once, but after the 57th time it’s just weird (and also makes this fence much harder to use than it would have to be).

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Tasteful Fence


This is the Maxis “Tastefully Overgrown” fence, minus the overgowth. Because that looks like plastic. Available in the same 7 colour variants as the original (all textures are referenced), for 75§ per unit.

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Balsa Seat


The Maxis “Balsa” awning (GT) turned into a wall-mounted bench, so it is now a little less pointless.

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Balsa Shelf


The “Balsa” awning from GT at half the size, turned into an outdoorsy wall shelf (it probably also looks good in a rustic / industrial kitchen or basement).

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Catalog Edit: GT Pavers as Rocks


This moves the two GT stone .. rugs? .. to Build > Rocks. They do not look all that fluffy to me.

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Two Decorative Columns (GT)


Decorative versions of two Maxis GT columns which can be placed off grid and do not remove fenceposts.

They can intersect anything including walls and will automagically adapt to the wall height of the floor they are on (these are just catalogue objects pointing to the actual Maxis columns, so they behave just like these in that regard).

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