Custom Storage Fix

Edits the city window resource counting so that resources in custom storage buildings will also be displayed (not only those in standard barns and warehouses). Alcohol counting remains unchanged.

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Get more food

This changes two things about how villagers get food to their house:

1. They will always get the maximum amount of food they can carry (instead of trawling across town with 6 fruits in their bag);

2. They will consider more than just one barn to get food from (within the radius that is defined in config) — so they won’t starve just because the barn next to their house is empty, and they will bring a larger variety of food as well (everything that is available within that radius, instead of just what’s in the closest barn).

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Yellow beets | 0.9.6127


These are the in-game “rootcrops” made available on fields as vegetables. Available right at the start of the game; they behave just like other plantable vegetables.

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Realistic Farming | 0.9.6127


This changes some things about how farming works, for more realism:

  1. Farmers now need seeds (one per grid cell) in order to plant anything
  2. For harvesting they will use various different animations depending on plant type (instead of always the shovel)
  3. In order to make it possible to grow flax / wheat / corn which aren’t available in barns with the default startup game, those and also oats are added as wild-growing plants (separate “More Wild Plants” mod, included below)
  4. Allows more workers on fields and in orchards
  5. Fixes the broken “Drain” (“Loosening Earth”) method — added 2017-01-28 — obsolete (fixed in game); I am still using my version though

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Edible grain/oats | 0.9.6127

Makes it so that villagers can eat grains (wheat, corn) and oats. I’ve given them both vitamin B for nutrition info.

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2017-04-01: Updated for 0.9.6127

Mushrooms are mushrooms | 0.9.6127


Adds a custom resource: the little gatherable mushrooms on the island will now yield actual mushrooms and not vegetables. Villagers will gather, store and eat these like all other foods.

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Strawberry Fields | 0.9.6127


These are the in-game strawberries (gatherable fruits) made available on fields, just like wheat, potatos and so on.

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