Sexy Pose Equality


This makes it so that sim girls can also show off their muscles and guys can bat their eyelashes when they decide to Pose Sexily, not just the other way around.

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Longsleeve Equality + Recolours


These are three things rolled into one:

  • A CASP edit that makes the boy-only Maxis longsleeves available for girls too
  • 40 recolours of said longsleeve which are unisex
  • Texture overrides for four of the existing variants ‒ no dramatic change, just a little added contrast and desaturation

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Swimshort Equality for Girls

mts_plasticbox-1550297-girlswimshorts_01Some more swimsuit variety for girls — these two CASP edits make the boy swimshorts available for them too. They make good sports clothes as well (I haven’t reflagged them for that but simply turn off the filter).

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Pants Equality for Boys

mts_plasticbox-1550058-boypantsThese are three Maxis girl-only (why?) jeans/shorts from the base game made available for boys. These are CASP edits, not new meshes or clones.

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Shoe Equality for Girls (Base Game)


These are the Maxis boy-only shoes from the base game made available for girls. I thought I had seen these somewhere before, but now I couldn’t find them so I made them (again). These are not clones, they are CASP edits.

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Knee-Length Skirts for Boys

mts_plasticbox-1548814-boyskirtThis is a CASP edit that enables my Knee-Length Summer Skirts for boys ‒ see there for all screenshots and info. 29 colour options, available in Everyday and Party, the boy version is not enabled for townies. You need to download the girl skirt in order for this version to work, it contains all the meshes and textures.

Downloads: Girl Skirt + Boy-Enabling CASP Edit / Feedback


Teen Careers for All Ages


These are the EA teen careers — Barista, Baby Sitter, Fast Food, Manual Labor, and Retail — made available for all ages (Teen plus Young Adult, Adult, and Elder). I changed nothing else, only the availability for both the career itself and the Go-To-Work push.
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