Tea for Children


This adds interactions for children to the tea and tea maker object tuning, so that they can have tea as well. Because why on earth should children not be allowed to drink tea?

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Bright Eyes Slots + Mesh Override


This is an override for the Maxis “Bright Eyes” bookcase that gives it a more basic (rectangular) shape and adds some slots on top.

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Stackable Kindermade Chair + Recolours


This is an override for the Maxis “Kindermade” chair as a stackable chair, plus some recolours.

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No Free Toys


Similarly to No Free Books, this makes it so that when sims buy a toybox they get a toybox. And not a 60§ toybox filled with 200§ toys, because that makes about -140 sense.

This overrides 0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x0000000000003A89 and 0xB61DE6B4-0x00000000-0x000000000000901C (object tuning for generic and this particular toybox).

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Plain PuffySleeve Top Recolours


These are six plain recolours (without the heart stencil) of the Maxis puffy-sleeve top for girls. They are in Everyday, T-Shirts, and enabled for randoms.

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Butterfly Top


This is a top for girls re-meshed from the Maxis butterfly dress (Base Game), in 15 colourful colours. It is available in Tops > Tank Tops as Everyday, Party, and Sleepwear. Works for all bodyshapes and can be combined with all bottoms as far as I’ve seen.

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Longsleeve Equality + Recolours


These are three things rolled into one:

  • A CASP edit that makes the boy-only Maxis longsleeves available for girls too
  • 40 recolours of said longsleeve which are unisex
  • Texture overrides for four of the existing variants ‒ no dramatic change, just a little added contrast and desaturation

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