Strawberry strawberry cake (May contain strawberries)


This makes it so that strawberry cake has an ingredient, namely, strawberry. One might think this would have to be so by default, but it isn’t.

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Canonical Kitchen Chair for TS4


A simple and timeless type of chair that I like very much. Originally made for TS3 it is now available for TS4 as well.

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Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile 2


More combinations of the Maxis “Basic Standard” paint with “Slippery”/”Sterilised” and “Checkmate”/”King Me” tile walls, plus three additional colours for “Basic Standard” (yellow, beige and a warm light green). They match exactly on all wall heights, incuding proper bump/spec maps, so they can be combined with the existing ones seamlessly.

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Fewer Stalkbys | Impatient Stalkbys


This attempts to tone down the amount of visitors (both neighbours and relationships) that are stalking the active household all the time. I did this by changing the walkby desires of the game so that other “walkby situations” (such as random strangers, work/school commuters, joggers etc) gain precedence over the doorbell ringers and also adding a few “no walkby” situations into the mix pretty much everywhere. I did not, however, stomp the doorbell-ringing entirely (otherwise, nobody would ever come to visit).

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