Backless Double Delight


A backless version of the Maxis “Double Delight” showertub. Works like the original in every way, only without the surrounding tile walls.

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Fiddler’s Awning: Daylight Edition


This is a version of the Maxis “Fiddler’s Awning” that will not make your sims live in darkness for ever after. Because the point of an awning is probably not to make sure you never see the outside again ..

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Classic Spandrel


This is a custom spandrel that matches the Maxis “Fancy Picket Fence” (but ought to be unobtrusive enough to be combined with other fences as well).

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Boring Tables


Two simple dining tables ‒ a long and a small one ‒ that match the other Boring items I made, as well as a bunch of Maxis things. You need to download the Boring Dresser since it contains almost all of the undercarriage textures!

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Dare to be Floor Tiles


The Maxis “Dare to be Square” tile walls (Base Game) as floor tiles.

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Base Game World/Wall/Terrain Stone Floors


Six world, wall, and terrain textures (Base Game) made available as floor tiles: the grey cobblestone, three stone walls, and two brick patterns.

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