No Plant Sparkles


This removes the obnoxiuos sparkles that seem to infest all garden plants as soon as they are a bit nicer than crappy.

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Garden Variety


These are overrides for some of the garden plants that give them different meshes and custom textures, for more variety. The wild-growing variants are also included in each package (changes are identical). This is not a complete overhaul, it only contains those plants my sims currently have which were bothering me most.

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Modular Plants V


Some more modular plants; partly new ones and partly Maxis ones made pottable.

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Modular Plants III


Some more pots and plants that can be mixed and matched, also with other Modular plants/pots.

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Modular Hanging Plants


Some modular hanging plants for TS4: seven empty pots with a deco slot to stick a plant on, and seven plants to combine with it ‒> 49 variations all in all.

These can be combined with other Modular Plants too.

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Liberated Shrubs


Some shrubs and hedges from the game files fixed up for Build/Buy, and a texture override for the Low-Lying Palm that matches the override for the large liberated Low-Lying Palm available here.

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Liberated Grass/Reeds


Maxis grass and reeds fixed up for Build/Buy, plus (optional) texture overrides. These are not clones – they only contain what is necessary to make them buyable, no duplicate files.

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